My name, which means "good friend," represents my essence as a people person.

I want to bring a little bit of positivity and humor into this


How is an idea made? How can we explain it?

I truly believe that making projects accessible and understandable is the answer.

I love thinking about futurism and implementing that into my production processes, into my thinking and into my designs.

I believe in applying empathy into what we create a better future.

Finding the right morphology, functional design and understanding the visual concept that the person want to wear are my bread & butter

Data Roaming

video shoot

Moving from one place to another: Searching for the ideal living space-

We live in an era of endless possibilities


Bag insida a Bag

Cardboard Box Style Leather Bag that it purpose is to protect the softer inner part that keeps all of your precious belongings. Right side: the Cardboard Bag in preparation/ In the middle: Emilee Speed's inspiration for nomadism

From the Runaway of class 2022 in Shenkar College and from behind the scenes

Cut & Glue

Ever since I was a child the cut and glue paper crafts was the thing that excited me the most. Creating 3D objects from 2D pages is a way to bridge the gap between the physical and the virtual world. I flattened and hardened fabrics in order to make all the clothes return to 2D without stitching

"Food issue"

There is a notion of abundance with all that related to food in the Jewish culture. Food issues, Quote-on-quote, usually occur at Friday dinners. The contrast between abundance and the whiteness that manifest itself in tablecloths is what symbolizes Jewish culture's approach to food

Red on Red

The human lives that have lost their value on the visual plane amounts to those warning signs to the heights of the paratroopers,

And the red color which is a statement in itself is found around the waist belt inspired by the gerbera flower

Circus - not just for children

Two pair out of three that I made as part of shoe studies in Polimoda-Florence, Italy